Through its educational programmes, the Ethnographic Museum Braşov wishes to bring children to culture and traditions by developing and educating creativity as well as by shaping practical skills specific to traditional crafts.

Participants in these workshops have learned how to paint eggs, how to mould clay, how to make glass icons, how to inlay wood or how to crochet a toy; they were initiated into the secrets of sewing and weaving as well as of those of making dolls or braiding corn husk. The children learned to decorate different objects, boxes, jars, bottles by the decoupage technique, and to make “mărţişoare” (Romanian traditional spring symbols).

"Village and school workshops" - a new educational project of the museum

The Ethnographic Museum Braşov launches the first communication platform with the little artisans in the county, which comes with a simple and direct message: children of all ages of Bârsa County, Olt County and Rupea area discover the universe of traditional crafts, deepen the techniques and the specific operations and share this experience with us. We make them known!

Romanian Traditional Sewing Workshop

Crochet Toys Workshop

Eggs Painting Workshop

Clay Moulding / Decorative Ceramics Workshop

Iconography Workshop

Corn Husk Braiding Workshop

Graphic / Drawing Workshop

"Christmas Ornaments" Workshop