The photography exhibition of architect Teofil MIHĂILESCU documents his journey from Mount Sinai (Egipt) to Jerusalem (Israel) in the spring of 2017. It focuses on exploring the architecture and the sacred space of the Sacred Places, mentioned in the Bible texts, both in The Old Testament and The New Testament. Much more than a simple journey, the entire experience has been an initiation. A night spent at the Holy Thumb in The Resurrection Church in Jerusalem, an exploration of the Jericho archaeological site alone, a bath in the Dead Sea, the steps on the place of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, touching the Mourn Wall, climbing the Sinai Mountain in Egypt all night long, direct contact, on a daily baisis, with the landmarks of the three great religions of humankind – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the thousands of kilometres covered, the emotions and the eagerness, the avalanche of thoughts and questions, the savoury monologues and dialogues, the many contradictions, all of that turned into in a portfolio of several thousand photos, some of them being presented in this exhibition, an invitation to meditation and dialogue between the great values of the humankind: love, tolerance, truth.


Teofil MIHĂILESCU (born 1973) is a Romanian architect, photographer, visual artist. He is a graduate of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest and a professor at Transilvania Unieversity of Brașov and holds a PhD and a master’s degree in architecture and urbanism (from Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest) and a master’s degree in Communication and public relations (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration Bucharest). He is a founding member of the Romanian Order of Architects (Braşov-Covasna-Harghita branch) and runs the Office of Architecture Teofil Mihăilescu in Brașov. His experiences in the realm of architecture at J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, California, SUA), Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Suedia), Politecnico di Milano şi Università degli Studi di Genova (Italia), the architectural and photographic projects, the works of art and the cultural projects in which he was involved converge on a complex professional path which comprises photography, vusual arts and writing as antropological means of exploring the world. Recent books authored by Teofil Mihăilescu: Athos. Arhitectură și spațiu sacru (2014), Brașov. Atmosferă, arhitectură și spațiu urban (2014), Palladium (novel, 2015) and The Light of Romania (an album dedicated to the first Centenary of the united and modern Romania (1918-2018), 2018). Recent books signed by Teofil Mihăilescu as co-author, co-illustrator and coordinator: România Paralelă. Alienare şi kitsch în arhitectură şi spaţiul public (2016), Cartea noastra de poveşti (2017) and the anniversary monograph of  Transilvania University of Braşov: 70 years. 1948-2018 (2018).