Zhang Hui (Pseudonim: Chang Gong)

Born in 1968. From the end of 1980s to the beginning of 1990s, he began to be interested in a large number of symbolic patterns and traditional Chinese painting methods in Chinese folk art. Then, devoted a lot of energy to studying and developing photography skills in the process of collecting materials. Since 2000, Zhang Hui has been experimenting with the combination of traditional art and image. In recent years, he has devoted himself to using modern images to express the traditional Chinese way of looking at the world. A large number of his works are exhibited in many countries and regions.

Construction, manufacturing and operation of high-speed railway in China
“As we all know, the development of China`s high-speed railway has attracted worldwide attention. In the process of construction, manufacture and operation of China`s high-speed railway, I choose to shoot pictures with traditional Chinese cultural ideas from the observed scenes, and present the Chinese high-speed railway culture in the way of photography, so as to show the real achievements of China in this respect.”