Ethnographic Museum „Gh. Cernea” Rupea, part of the Brasov Ethnography Museum, invites you on Friday, November 29, 2019, at 13:00 to open the temporary exhibition Fishing on Olt river, between traditional and modern which will take place at the“ Gheorghe Cernea” Ethnographic Museum in Rupea, Str. Republicii, no. 191.

The Olt river crosses the southeastern part of the Rupea area near the towns of Racoș, Mateiaș, Dopca, Bogata, Hoghiz, Fîntîna, Cuciulata, Ungra and Crihalma. In these villages the inhabitants still practice fishing by passion, in their free time. Temporary exhibition „Fishing on Olt river, between traditional and modern comes to complement the permanent exhibition of the museum and offers visitors information about the fish species living in the Olt river, events and fishing methods of the fishermen Cazacu Constantin from Bogata, Cornel Boțoman from Mateiaș, Coman Mircea , Baga Ioan and Boțoman Mircea from Dopca. They tend to fish with the rod, according to various methods, appropriate to the season, the water level and respecting the fishing calendar.