Ethnographic Museum "Gheorghe Cernea" Braşov


Ancient crafts that have been preserved for hundreds of years and were part of the economic and social life of Transylvanian urban and rural communities are beginning to lose their usefulness along with the industrialization processes in the European space. Traditional processing technologies, both in shoemaking and other fields (tanning, tailoring, fur coat making), are beginning to disappear because of the more efficient machines and series production. For these reasons, preserving the memory of craftsmen and their professional universe is very important as a constituent part of the preservation of material and immaterial cultural heritage. In this exhibition we present three shoe making craftsmen who have kept alive the tradition of the former craftsmen: Michael Widmann from Ruja, Hârtibaciului Valley, George Stănişor from Holbav, Bârsa County and Ion Ioniţă from Braşov.